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Dr. Chatham Gave me the Results I've Dreamt of From Childhood

I recently decided to seek out a local surgeon who specialized in Otoplasty. Since I was little, I was self-conscious of my protruding ears doing everything to hide or camouflage them using my hair, beauty tape, and even purchasing ear cuffs. I found Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery and was impressed from the get-go. From the email/face-to-face communication with staff to my initial consultation with Dr. Chatham himself. They took time to answer all my questions and made me feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. You are made to feel as though you are the only patient in the office, which was important to me in deciding whether to proceed with their office and the procedure itself. I didn't want someone who made me feel rushed or too busy for me as a patient to perform surgery or a procedure that could negatively affect my appearance. It has been a week since my procedure, and I can happily say that I see my face (not my ears) when I look in the mirror. I am very blessed that Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery provided me with their time and many talents and gave me the results I dreamt of from childhood.

Lindsay C.

Very Thorough and Does Incredible Work

Dr Chatham and staff have been wonderful. I went in for a couple of laser treatments on old scarring, birthmark & textural irregularities all on my face, mainly my cheek areas. The difference after just one laser treatment was amazing. Dr Chatham had a consult with me, listened to all my concerns carefully and went over all options with me. He was very thorough in explaining everything and he answered every question i had. He does incredible work! I highly recommend him to anyone.

Brooke Thompson

He's the Only One I Trust With My Face

Dr. Chatham and his staff are the best. He takes time to discuss the procedure with you and gives you his expert advice. He’s conservative with his procedures so you’ll never look overdone, only a refreshed version of you. I really can’t say enough good about him. He’s the only one I trust with my face!

SJ McClain

Dr. Chatham's Expertise, Bedside Manner and Care are Top Notch.

I’ve worked with doctors of all specialties for twenty years, and Dr. Chatham is hands down the best of the best in all aspects. His expertise, bedside manner, and care are top notch. I’ve never felt more taken care of by a doctor in all my years. I would give him 10 stars if I could. I literally do not have enough space here to tell you how amazing he is!

Stephanie C.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ - How much discomfort is there with aesthetic procedures?

It depends on the procedure but surprisingly there is typically only mild discomfort for most things. Some of the lasers create a brief warm sensation. With the injectables there is a brief prickly sensation. We may use local anesthesia much in the way a dentist. Following a larger surgery there is some temporary discomfort but it is not described as truly painful by most of our patients.

+ - Are aesthetic procedures expensive?

This depends upon exactly what we are doing. Good skin care with use of therapeutic products is very inexpensive. Injectables such as Botox or Restylane and some laser procedures may cost several hundred dollars. The fees for actual surgery, of course, are higher but we make every effort to keep these as reasonable and fair as possible.

+ - Aren’t cosmetic procedures mainly for the vain and wealthy?

Cosmetic procedures can be for almost everyone. Most of us desire healthy and attractive skin and there are effective strategies to achieve this. Botox, sometimes associated with extravagance, actually can not only improve unwanted facial creases but can reduce headaches, lessen ache and even enhance a sense of well-being. Surgeries to improve congenital or acquired deformity can lead to a very gratifying end result and improved self-esteem. For example, a crooked nose with deviated septum creates problems and septorhinoplasty is very effective in improving both issues. There is typically a budget for everyone. For example, the average American spends over $1,200 per year on ‘fast food’ and the average smoker $1,500. What if part of this expenses were directed to ‘healthy’ expenditures?

+ - how much down time or recovery is required for aesthetic procedures?

There is surprisingly little down time for many of the procedures we offer. With Botox and many of the fillers there is really no down time. Some of the peels and lasers do require 4-6 days although the Diolite/Varilight/Prolite series for unwanted ‘reds’ and ‘browns’ of the skin don’t require but a few hours at most. More extensive surgery may require from one to two weeks depending upon many factors.

+ - How do I prepare for a procedure?

Typically for office-based procedures such as Botox, lasers, or injectable fillers we may recommend abstaining from aspirin for a few days so as to reduce possible bruising. For true surgeries we do recommend some do’s and don’ts usually related to certain medications.

+ - Why do some patients look unusual or funny after cosmetic procedures?

Many of our patients fear the dreaded ‘Hollywood look’! They see some celebrities who look goofy and unnatural. We believe that a natural untreated appearance is by far the best. Anything can be excessive and unfortunately some patients and practitioners may venture beyond good artistic judgement. Great results come from a combination of science and art with both surgeon and patient working collaboratively.

+ - How can I know what would be the best options for me?

Most of us have an idea of what we would like to improve about the health and appearance of our face. Sharing this with a qualified and experienced physician helps fine -tune this into focused options. The consultation is similar to a private educational class where we listen to our patients (‘students’) and try to offer reasonable and well thought-out suggestions. We then may proceed further if the patient agrees that this fits their idea of beauty and their budget.

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