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Light Resurfacing

Learn More About Light Resurfacing

Many of our patients seek improved skin-they dislike their skin which may be aging, sun-damaged, mottled, sallow, rough, bumpy or pitted, or has acne. We offer individual skin plans for improvement which are based on in-office “light” resurfacing (combined with at-home skin care products). This offers minimal risk, and minimal downtime. These “gentle” light resurfacing treatments may include:

1. SkinMaster ultrasound facial treatments

This utilizes the gentle but effective energy of ultrasound combined with water to exfoliate, stimulate and help smooth the skin of the face and neck. Performed by our Aesthetician, we will often combine these with some light peeling agents to maximize the results.

2. Designer facials

These carefully designed facial treatments take advantage of gentle topical peeling solutions that may contain special blends of Vitamin C, Lactic acid, salicylic acid, TCA, plant-based enzymatic extracts, and other ingredients. We may combine this with a light massage.For example, some may be specifically designed for acne-prone skin, while another focuses in photo damaged or aging skin

3. Intense Pulsed Light

This is a laser-like light treatment that targets red vessels, brown spots , sun-damaged skin and pores, to help even skin color and tone. Usually a series of these are performed, and a gradual improvement in color and brightness occurs. There is no downtime associated with this.

Other treatments which complement skin appearance include laser treatment of small blood vessels, topical electrical stimulation of skin, and heat assisted dermal stimulation. Botox, used to weaken overactive muscles which cause wrinkles, also augments skin results. “Gentle resurfacing” techniques are good for all types of skin and all ages, but are a particularly good option for patients who cannot afford any “down time” and who like the concept of incremental improvement to their skin.