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Learn More About BOTOX® Cosmetic

It would be wonderful if we could have young looking skin all of our lives, but elements such as the wind and sunlight, coupled with the natural process of aging, take a toll on our bodies–especially our face. As we get older, our once youthful expressions begin to create permanent creases and wrinkles in our brow and between our eyes, making us look older than we actually are. If you have tried every over-the-counter cream and lotion on the market, and nothing has worked to erase those bothersome creases and wrinkles of your brows and eyelids (“crow’s feet”), then BOTOX® cosmetic may be for you.

Treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic can visibly smooth and soften moderate to severe frown lines between your brows, lateral lids (“laugh lines, crows’ feet”) and forehead creases. Our patients report an improvement within just days after their treatment, with results lasting from 3 to 4 months. In clinical trials, nearly 90% of men and women surveyed rated the improvement in the appearance of frown lines between their brows as moderate to better than expected 1 month after treatment. BOTOX® Cosmetic is also effective for smoothing lines on other areas of the face, including, wrinkled lip lines, and neckband creases.

In addition, it can, when very precisely used, help elevate eyebrows that are lower than desired. In some patients, a slight elevation of the corners of a down-turned lip can be softened.If you are ready to start erasing those furrowed brow lines or crows’ feet and want to feel younger and more attractive, then Dr. Chatham offers a personalized BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment program that relaxes the muscles and the skin for a smooth appearance.BOTOX® Cosmetic is a procedure that has been safely used to treat a variety of conditions for more that 10 years. Dr. Chatham, specifically, has worked with a great number of patients with very positive results and has many patients who return to him as their preferred BOTOX injector. The procedure is quite simple and no anesthesia is required, although Dr. Chatham does pre-chill the area with a cold pack prior to the injection.
Dr. Chatham will first determine where to administer the injections by examining your ability to move certain muscles in your brow, forehead and lateral lid areas. . The location, size, and use of the muscles that create unwanted wrinkles vary markedly among individuals. Then, Dr. Chatham will administer several tiny injections of BOTOX® Cosmetic directly into the appropriate muscles under the skin. Our patients report that there is little discomfort during treatment, comparing the sensation of a ‘pin prick.’ Patients are able to resume normal activity immediately although we recommend no strenuous exercise for 5-6 hours afterwards. The procedure is so easy that you can have it done during your lunch break.

As well, BOTOX® Cosmetic is approved by the FDA.Some patients tell us that the have a tired look or angry appearance due to downward descent of the brows or unconscious facial expression (we usually don’t know when we make a face due to how we feel or if we are concentrating, for example). Their primary motivation is to look and feel more rested, pleasant and friendly.An important caveat: we believe in a very NATURAL appearance. Since we are human beings and have a necessary inclination for facial expression, we believe even after BOTOX some of the muscles need to still be able to have some facial movement, to show interest, surprise, or concern when appropriate. We do not believe in the “frozen look”. Some people who have received excessive BOTOX, seem to lose all normal expression and this is not attractive.One of the interesting side effects of BOTOX when used in the forehead has been a reduction in headaches of most of our patients. There has even been improvement in migraine headaches, although the exact mechanism is unclear. Some of our patients choose to have BOTOX primarily for their headaches but do not mind the improvement in their brow creases! We have also treated patients for hyperhidrosis of their axiillae (excessive sweating under one’s arms), a very embarrassing problem for some, and the results here seem to last longer than 4 months.

Think of BOTOX as one way to reduce the rate at which skin begins to show aging. It lessens “wear & tear” by reducing the push and pull that the skin is subjected to, over and over, day after day, month after month. So the BOTOX one receives today also works to reduce creases in the future!If you can relate to any of the above descriptions, ask Dr. Chatham how BOTOX® Cosmetic can help you. We have placed a short video of a BOTOX patient on this web site and you may find this helpful. Our office takes an artistic approach and will personalize all surgical and non-surgical services that are right for your unique face. Note that all injections are performed by Dr Chatham and not relegated to an “assistant”. Now is the time to act.

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