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Nasal Surgery

Learn More About Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Nose reshaping and contouring is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgery procedures. Having the appropriate education, training, and experience is critical to getting aesthetically pleasing results. Dr. Donn Chatham, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, has the necessary surgical skill and artistic eye reshape his patient’s nose so it fits with your face in correct proportion and balance.

Cosmetic nose surgery or a nose job (rhinoplasty), is a popular facial cosmetic enhancement procedure for teenagers and adults who are unhappy with the size and shape of their nose. Some patients also desire rhinoplasty to correct a structural defect in the nose that may be negatively impacting their breathing, referred to as a deviated septum.

Dr. Chatham performs nose surgery on individuals who are:

  • Unhappy with the size of their nose and/or nostrils
  • Dissatisfied with the bridge of their nose (wide, visible hump)
  • Unhappy with the tip of their nose (bulbous, enlarged, hook)
  • Dissatisfied with their facial harmony due to their nose

If you are interested in having nose shaping/contouring surgery, contact an expert. During your consultation, Dr. Chatham will discuss your goals and what results you can expect.

Dr. Chatham is highly skilled in surgically addressing the aforementioned primary concerns of nose reshaping/contouring while preserving and enhancing the function of the nose so that breathing is easy and comfortable. During your consultation, Dr. Chatham will inspect the internal structure of your nose and your facial structure. During the examination, he will make suggestions for nose improvement based on his assessment, your facial features and your cosmetic goals. His goal is to blend your nose aesthetically, thereby providing balance and harmony to your face. You can be reassured, Dr. Chatham brings extensive facial surgical experience and artistic sensitivity into the discussion so that his patients understand what results to expect. a final surgical plan will be adopted to achieve optimum results for your rhinoplasty.

It should be noted that if a patient has had previous rhinoplasty surgery, “revision” nasal surgery typically is more difficult. Dr. Chatham will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of undertaking revision rhinoplasty.

Ethnicity & Rhinoplasty: Characteristics of A Non-Caucasian Noses

Dr. Chatham has performed nose surgery on patients of different ethnicities. He understands that individuals from specific ethnicities, such as African Americans may desire to correct nasal deformities while retaining ethnic characteristics. One of the main concerns is how perform ethnic rhinoplasty without upsetting the delicate balance of facial features that define patients of specific ethnicity groups.

Dr. Chatham will candidly discuss with your desired aesthetic goals and make every effort to retain the ethnic features that you desire.

How is Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed?

Dr. Chatham performs rhinoplasty at an accredited outpatient surgical facility. The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. The time varies but typically takes 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.

Rhinoplasty is surgically performed using a closed procedure or an open procedure. The difference is where the incisions are made. With a close procedure, the incisions are inside the nose. Whereas, an open procedure the incision is made across the strip of the nose that separates the nostrils, (columella). The nasal skin is gently lifted giving to allow for access to reshape and sculpt the structure of the nose. The scars are minimal, heal quickly and are well hidden.

Dressing and splint is used to support the nose as it heals. Typically, we do not find it necessary to “pack” the nose. The splint dressing usually is removed at one week . Immediately following the surgery, patients can experience some soreness, and some discomfort. Pain medication may be given.

What is the Recovery Process?

The degree of discomfort varies with the most uncomfortable part of the recovery being difficulty breathing through the nose for several days due to swelling. Within one to two weeks the swelling subsides and breathing improves. Patients should also expect some bruising around your eyes for a week or so which resolves. Typically, patients can expect their swelling and bruising to resolve after two weeks. Patients are counselled not to bend or lift objects as it can prolong swelling. Physical activities and contact sports should be avoided for at least 6 weeks. Dr. Chatham will discuss your recovery plan with you and provides his patients with detailed written post-op instructions on what to expect and when they can hope to resume certain activities.

What Results Can Rhinoplasty Patients Expert?

Our goal is to achieve the patient’s desired cosmetic improvement while achieving facial harmony and balance with a natural appearance. While some noses need to be smaller, some larger, some wider, some straighter, the goal is always harmony and aesthetic improvement, as well as a good airway for adequate breathing. “Natural” is our goal, and other people likely will not know that surgery has been performed.
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Why Donn Chatham, M.D. for Your Facial Rejuvenation Surgery?

Dr. Donn Chatham, Medical Director of Chatham Facial Surgery is a double board-certified surgeon. He is certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. He is an experienced and highly skilled aesthetic facial rejuvenation surgeon. His surgical skills combined with an artistic eye produce long lasting and natural-looking results for his thousands of satisfied patients. If you desire a surgical facial, non-surgical facial procedure, laser/light-source treatment, and a variety of medical skin care services in a caring and supportive environment, schedule your consultation at one of Dr. Chatham’s two facial centers of aesthetic excellence in Louisville, KY or Albany, IN.