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Diolite and Varilight

Learn More About Laser Surgery

Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery utilizes several lasers in helping the skin of our patients. There are many many different lasers and light machines and it can be confusing to understand all of them.

We have successfully used the Prolite Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for for laser skin resurfacing for several years. This is a laser-like light treatment produces a beam about the size of a postage stamp that targets red vessels, brown spots, sun-damaged skin and pores, to help even skin color and tone. Usually a series of these are performed, and a gradual improvement in color and brightness occurs. There is no downtime associated with this.The Diolite 532-wavelength laser produces a very small beam that targets red blood vessels, sometimes called spider veins, “broken capillaries”, and other hemangiomas. The energy of the laser is absorbed into the red vessels, and they can shrink, and become less noticeable. Again, there is no downtime here.

We use an IPL hair reduction laser-like device to help reduce unwanted hair. This requires several sessions, works best on brunette and black hair, and can over time improve and shrink hair follicles.We purposely have avoided using the CO2 resurfacing lasers. These can produce a very intense thermal burn of the skin with some times unwanted side effects. We are familiar with other lasers and laser-like devices designed to affect skin. Some of these heat the skin, some produce suction and heat, light and heat, and some combine several modalities. Some of the so-called “non wounding rejuvenation and tightening machines” sometimes produce a very subtle effect. New technology is being developed constantly, and we recommend a new device once it is clear that the results are consistent and reproducible in the average patient, along with posing little risk.”