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Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Learn More About Chin and Cheek Augmentation

All faces are built upon a certain bone structure. The better and stronger the bone structure, then this assists the structure of the other facial layers. Disproportion of any of the boney features, will lead to disproportion of the face in general.For example a small chin can make even the most balanced face look less harmonious. A prominent nose will look even more so with a receding chin. Flat cheekbones can make a large nose look larger and a small chin smaller.

Altering your bony facial features can improve your overall facial harmony and beauty dramatically. A weak chin or flat cheekbones can easily be improved with an implant. These implants are made from special medical-grade material (sometimes silicone) that creates the impression of normal but enhance bone structure after surgery. Dr. Chatham uses the material that has proven its durability and safety over many years. During your initial consultation with Dr. Chatham we can show you samples of the various implant materials, explain how your body accommodates each one, and in appropriate cases, may demonstrate possible results on our state-of-the-art computer-imaging monitor.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

To insert a chin implant, a small incision is made just under your chin. The implant is slipped into place and the skin incision is then closed. The surgery lasts approximately 30 minutes and is most comfortably performed using a “twilight anesthesia”. You will be able to go home in a few hours. This surgery is sometimes combined with a gentle removal of excessive fat beneath the skin using liposuction.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery

During cheek surgery, implants are inserted with no external incisions. A small incision is made just above the gum line of the upper teeth, and the implants are slipped into a small pocket over the cheekbones. This surgery may also be performed under “twilight anesthesia”.With both type of implant surgery, there is expected to be swelling that peaks about 3 days later. There is temporary discomfort, but extreme pain would be very rare. Often by the 3rd day, patients may only require Tylenol. At one week there is still visible swelling but the results are becoming evident. At about 2 weeks, typical patients feel comfortable enough to return to work and social activities.Like any other surgeries, there are pros and cons to these procedures, and these will be discussed with you during your consultation with Dr. Chatham.

Other Options

Some of our patients who do not want actual surgery or who may not be ready for surgery, but who still desire some increased cheek or chin structure may benefit from one of our injectable fillers. We may recommend either Radiesse or Perlane as an alternative to surgery. This is an office procedure, and after local anesthetic is used, we may carefully inject small droplets of one of these FDA approved fillers into the deep soft tissue over the cheeks or the chin and jaw line. This produces a temporary fullness and improvement that may last from 5-10 months on average. Usually no “downtime” is required. And if a patient likes this preliminary improvement, this may help them in deciding if they want to proceed with a more permanent implant later on. Whatever your chin or cheek problem, Dr. Chatham can provide the proper cosmetic procedure in order to provide a lifelong improvement in your facial harmony. Call our office today to set up an appointment or contact us online.