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Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery & Medical Skin Care offers a variety of options to our patients seeking improved health and appearance of their faces. “Facial Rejuvenation” may involve both surgical procedures and non-surgical options. Both have value.

Remember our goal is always to improve in a natural pleasing manner and to always avoid over-treating or creating an unnatural appearance. Dr. Donn Chatham and staff work with you as a partner in selecting the best strategy.

Facial Surgery Non-Surgical Enhancements
Facelift / Neck Lift BOTOX® Cosmetic
Eyelid Lift Restylane®
Nose Surgery JUVÉDERM®
Ear Reshaping Radiesse®
Forehead Lift / Brow Lift Light Resurfacing
Lip Augmentation Deeper Chemical Peels
Chin & Cheek Augmentation  
Laser Surgery Skin Care
Diolite & Varilight Medical Facial
Pro-Lite Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)  
Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Therapy  

We often see patients who have scarring from previous trauma, surgery or acne and we offer a variety of scar improvement procedures.

Note that facial contouring to help balance chin, cheeks, neck and nose sometimes involves facial implants, injectable fillers and/or liposuction. We offer a variety of fillers here at Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery & Medical Skin Care.

Many patients are concerned with small growths, moles, lesions and pigment changes in their skin. Careful removal or peeling or laser treatments can easily remove and control these unwanted growths, preventing future problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

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