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Skin Care

Skin Care

An Introduction to Skin Care

Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery & Medical Skin Care offers a variety of options to our patients seeking improved health and appearance of their skin. Additional treatment options involve helping our patients select the best skin care products to be used at home on a daily basis.

We carry a variety of medical grade topical products (lotions, creams, gels) designed to stimulate, protect, exfoliate and hydrate skin. We constantly seek products with proven benefits which are based on sound science and real patient experiences. We avoid products that we believe either under-deliver or that are over -priced.

Our experienced aesthetician, Tara, offers therapeutic facials utilizing ultrasound technology coupled with designer peels, which promote healthier revitalized skin but with no downtime or healing required.

Skin Care Services

Skin Care

Skin Care Products

We carry a focused selection of proven skin care products designed to improve & maintain optimal skin health & appearance. Our products have been carefully selected over the years based on company reputation, science behind the ingredients and feedback from our own patients. They compliment more aggressive treatments such as resurfacing from peels and lasers.

Medical Facials

We offer a variety of facials, all of which include our SkinMaster: this ultrasonic technology utilizes moisturizing mechanical energy, providing a very effective exfoliation. These range from time-efficient 30 min. facials to customized treatments that combines a variety of targeted products and/or chemical peels, improving skin hydration, pigmentation, and circulation.

Medical Facial