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Deeper Chemical Peels

Skin Rejuvenation Gallery
Chemical Peel Before and After Louisville, KY, New Albany, IN

The “deeper peels” are designed for more wrinkled and sun damaged skin. We carefully apply a very precisely developed peeling solution, usually plant based, onto wrinkled skin. The degree of sun damage and wrinkling will help us determine which peeling agent to use. A topical wound is created, the skin temporarily looks worse, but then gradually develops new skin, which is usually fresher, less wrinkled, pinker, and smoother than the old skin. Patients require about 7-10 days of down time, and results are very long lasting. Some surgeons use only lasers for this. There are pros and cons of either method, and patients should understand both options. Chemical Peels are good for patients with more damaged skin who can take 7-10 days off and want to see a more dramatic improvement in their skin.